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Swimwear Thongs and Bikinis
Swimwear thongs and bikinis

How To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger In A Bathing Suit - How To Choose A Swimsuit That Flatters Your Body

Author: Breast Enhancing Expert

How To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger In A Bathing Suit

Look in the mirror in just your underwear and assess yourself frankly. Which of these describe you best?

  1. Shoulders, hips and waist about the same size. Not much of a waist -- boyish figure
  2. Narrow shoulders wide hips -- pear shaped
  3. Wide shoulders with medium or large breasts, wide hips, small waist -- hourglass
  4. Wide shoulders, narrow hips -- top heavy
  5. Large breasts, narrow hips -- busty and top heavy
  6. Large breasts, ample hips and a tummy -- curvy
  7. You can only wear clothes sized XL or larger -- plus sized

Once you know which category you are in, pick the swimwear that flatters that body type and you'll look your best during swimsuit season. How To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger In A Bathing Suit

Boyish figure

If you are concerned about looking like a boy in your swimsuit, go all out feminine with frills and pretty prints. Ruffles add volume. Worn along your bust and at your hips, they give the illusion of curves. Pretty things up with string bikinis and girly prints. If you've got a cleavage, show it off with a plunging neckline. You'd look less like a boy if you show enough cleavage. Avoid bandeau tops and boy shorts.

Pear shaped body

So you've got hips.. Too large hips for your liking. Actually, curvy hips and thighs are in. You can show them off, or if you are still self conscious, you can minimize them. String bikini bottoms, tie sides or details at the sides of your bikini bottoms would make the most of your shapely bottom. If you want to draw attention away from your bottom, then dark bikini thongs would do the trick. Or you could wear a one piece swimsuit with a plunging front to draw attention upwards to your face and cleavage and away from your hips. Avoid boyshorts or very high cut bottoms as these would not flatter you. If you are wearing a bikini, pick a light top and a dark bottom to balance your figure. How To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger In A Bathing Suit

Hourglass figure

An hourglass figure? You don't really need help with swimwear with a figure like yours. Still, you can mess up your look if you wear ill-fitting swimwear or a bikini top or swimwear top that doesn't provide enough support for your breasts if yours are heavy. As long as you get enough support and the fit is right, swimsuit season is your season. Wear a bright bikini or a black maillot or a really teeny printed bikini. These are classics that you can get away with.

Top heavy swimsuits

If you're busty, show off your cleavage in a one piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline. The ideal bikini for you would be one with a halter top. More than anything, you need support. Here's more about how to pick busty swimwear [http://www.cheap-designer-clothing.net/bustyswimwear.php] that flatter your body shape best.

You can widen your hips with boy shorts or a colorful bottom.

Curvy figures and plus sizes

If your tummy is a problem, wear a one-piece swimsuit that has a very high lycra content. They'd hold in your tummy. If your tummy is not an issue, then go for a bikini. Just make sure the bikini top supports you well with wide enough straps or underwire support and go for the lower-rise bottoms. How To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger In A Bathing Suit

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